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Cindy Whitehurst


Dr. Whitehurst has been practicing audiology for 35 years. Her work experience includes hospitals, otolaryngology and otology practices. She received her undergraduate degree in speech and hearing science from the Ohio State University, her master’s from the University of Texas, and her doctorate in clinical audiology from the University of Florida. She established the Mariemont Hearing Center in 1996 where she provides a high standard of hearing healthcare in a personal, comfortable environment


  • Dr. Kenneth Hentze
    Very thorough and explains everything. Extremely kind and caring. I prompt on appointment times. I arrived on a day when the office was closed and she kindly took me, even though the appointment time was my misunderstanding.
    Dr. Kenneth Hentze
  • If not for Cynthia Whitehurst at the Mariemont Hearing Center, I would still be faking it. Many times over the past few years I would smile and nod, acting like I really could hear what someone was saying but often their words were a garbled collection of muffled sounds. I found myself asking â??What? Please? Could you repeat that?â?? People would perceive me as aloof or someone who really didn’t care about what they had to say. I did not want to be that person anymore, so I walked into the Mariemont Hearing Center and met Cyndi Whitehurst. I knew immediately that if I was going to take the major step of wearing hearing aids I needed the help of someone who is smart, qualified and caring. I did not want some large-scale hearing aid operation where I am sitting in the waiting room with twenty other people. I wanted discreet, personal service, genuine reassurance and professional guidance. That is exactly what Mariemont Hearing Center is all about. I feel like I am her only patient. Don’t fake it anymore.
    Chris Welsh
  • Brian P
    For years, my courtroom experience has been filled with arguments and decisions delivered by other lawyers and judges which I have been unable to hear. I guess that my listening ability has simply deteriorated gradually over a decade or more. So I finally decided to be pro-active. Frankly, the opportunity to avail myself of your skilled professionalism turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. The good news is that my hearing is now (almost) as good as it was 15-20 years ago, via the use of the devices which you recommended for me and then specifically programmed to meet my needs." Very best wishes from your pleased patient (and his spouse),
    Brian P

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